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A Camping Trip in Maryland

For most of us, camping has been a way of life or a means to get away from it all. Camping usually involves the family and this also seems to be the right time for bonding through the fun activities that we get from the campsites. Here are some of the best that Maryland offers which may prove to be a memorable experience for you and your family.

Blue Moon Rising

This is an out of the way spot that has rustic charming cabins. The cabins are splendidly snug and relaxing set amidst lush foliage of trees and plants. It offers complete privacy ideal and comes with a friendly and helpful staff to make your stay comfortable and restful.

Frontier Town (Ocean City)

A favorite for families as they rent out covered wagons for rides. It sort of gives an authentic feeling of being in the Wild West. Renting out golf carts to sightsee is another fun feature and they have water parks and a pool to swim in.


They offer a variety of fun activities for the whole family. One can set up camping beneath large trees and rent out fiberglass boats for a great ride down the big creek.

Whatever works for you and your loved ones, you’re sure to have a great time in Maryland where a vast selection of campsites and activities await you. Enjoy!

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