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Northern Virginia’s Wonderful Vineyards

Vineyards of North Virginia have become famous not only for its delicious wine, but also for the stunning scenery that comes with it. Winery tours have proliferated because of this and who can blame them? Sipping a glass of wine in a perfect setting of lush vineyards is hardly an offer that anyone can turn down!

Here are some of the best vineyards that offer the best view as well:

Boxwood Winery

Everything is in its place and seems like it just needs a box to put them all in. The grapes are planted precisely and perfectly and they only make Red and Rose wines. The perfect price comes with the perfect taste, though so no one’s complaining.

Bluemont Vineyard

The stunning views that one gets upon entering the property are sure to heighten the senses. A taste of their real Strawberry wine or Viognier will add more to the unforgettable experience of view and taste.

Bogati Bodega

Argentina inspired, this winery has produced great wines native to Argentina including the famous Malbec. Their very stylish rooms complete with chandeliers give out to a fantastic view of a big pond.

There is a long list of wineries and vineyards that dot the countryside of Northern Virginia. Every one of them presents different images that will surely delight a wine connoisseur.

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