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The Lovely Vineyards of Maryland

The Europeans had the right idea when they drink wine together with their meals. They lived longer and healthier lives because of this. The idea has caught the fancies of every nation and that has led to planting grapes that later became a big vineyard business.

America now has lovely vineyards that produce wine that could compete with some of the best brands in Europe. Maryland is one of the states that has concentrated on the wine business and has made some of the best.

Slack Winery and Vineyard

The wines that are made go exclusively with one food which is seafood. The crab cakes, oysters, blue crabs, rockfish and soft shell clams have their perfect wine complements in this winery.

Distillery Lane Ciderworks

The wine comes from; you guess it, hard cider that gives it a distinguished taste that can be dry, sweet or sparkling. The wine would be a great complement to cheese and to dishes made of cheese.

Fiore Winery

The wine has received awards for its fine taste that only experienced winemakers can produce. The winery offers delightful tours through its vineyard and even has fun activities to go with the wine tasting.

Wine tours are available year round and bookings can be done online.

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