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The Wonderful Cuisine of Baltimore’s Restaurants

It has been said that one gets to know a place better when the local cuisine is eaten. Being a visitor to Baltimore will give you a wide selection of good chow that would delight even the most discriminating tastes. Here are some of the delightful restaurants that will make dining in Baltimore an exquisite experience:

Pen and Quill

Pen and Quill

They serve the freshest fish and one of their specialties is a halibut dish that is doused in radish, mushrooms and black garlic. A taste of this would make you feel like you’ve gone to heaven and come back.

Flight American Fusion

Flight American Fusion

The staff gives good service aside from the fantastic appetizers to the main entrees of chicken with side dishes of rice and cabbage. Desserts and drinks are also available for the asking.

Woodberry Kitchen

woodberry kitchen

You can’t leave Baltimore without tasting their famous crabs and this restaurant serves one of the best. The soft shell crab is laid on a bed of tomatoes, mayo, toasted bread and pea shoots. They offer other gustatory delights, but the crab’s the main attraction.

Whatever the taste and preference, Baltimore offers it and more. The crabs and lobsters are there for the eating and it will be great regret if you leave the place without eating this most famous dish.

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